In love with SEEDR

Today I’d like to talk to talk about how I started to download torrents from my IDM. is one of the most astonishing sites I’ve seen in the past few months.Instead of having to go to Bittorrents or any other stuff you can directly download things from your general chrome downloader or IDM.I personally suggest you to try this 🙂

A brief discussion on ruby

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Now let us get to the you know what metasploit is capable must know why it is so..why it it so special..
It’s because metasploit is built on ruby language and now you must be thinking..oh God! what is this ruby..nothing to worry be a pentester it’s okay to know the basics of ruby..
In metasploit all modules are classes of more advantage of ruby is that you’ve a lot of payloads created during run time and it’s very very rare that you generally create your own payload…

The reason for ruby being so special is mixins..well what does mixins do..they include one class into thing you gotta be knowing about is plugin…simply saying ..they manipulate the framework as whole..

still confused..don’t worry you can find this entire discussion over ..
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Structure of metasploit

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Finally after these many blogs I got to post what is the structure of metasploit and what does it support…
Here goes the explanation…
The meat part(or core) contains three major divisions namely..Rex,msfcore and msfbase. Further this core part is provided with many tools,plugins and consoles.

These plugins can be loaded during the run-time.And coming to meat part again it consists of REX library which makes metasploit the powerful.It is the basic library for many of the functions..many of the coonections like SSH are made.
Let’s imagine you’re fed up with metasploit and wanna use your own libraries then msfbase and core are gonna play a key role.

There are many other parts like payloads..exploits…nops etc..
The complete video with a perfect explanation can be found over

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How to make metaslploit run on vmware

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Just finished with my exams and guess what..planning for a fresher’s party for our juniors.. 😛
And I would like to discuss in detail how to make metasploit work in our virtual environment..(else you can find the entire discussion video over )
After downloading metasploit’s compressed file from you just need to extract the files ..
Later on you could see some folders in the extract…now just open metasploitable2-linux can find a variety of files with extensions .vmsd,.vmx blah blah..don’t bother …all you need to do is to open the one with a .vmx extension…
And if you already have a vmware installed(player or station) you can directly see your virtual metasploit starting over vmware…all you now have to do is to login with msfadmin as username and password.
And now you need to start the graphical server…that can be done by using startx command.
Initially you can see nothing happening ..this is because of a file .X0-lock so you gotta remove it you already know this can be done using rm command but you must be an admin to remove this file…as you’re not an admin you will now be going on to become a pseudo admin using sudo command..
All you should be doing is typing this command “sudo rm file_name”’re prompted to type the password for sudo admin which is msfadmin itself..and boom it’s done 😛 😛
Now,type startx again and you’ll be seeing your graphical server running 🙂 🙂
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Just wanna speak to ya for a swing in mood. Have an exam tomorrow and I don’t which topics are to be read either 😛 …

As you guys already know.. I am on a course over that covers metasploit with kali linux…I’ve come to know that many are facing problems with the installation procedures…

Well..let me help you with this…to make your virtual Operation System you either need a vmware or a virtual box . Tho the former is preferred…you could simply go to and scroll to the bottom…there you could see both these products.. player and workstation..if you can afford I recommend to purchase cause it’s lot more user friendly compared to vmware player..but yeah that’s not a big issue…even player is enough for this course..
And after installing the workstation…you need to follow a few steps..which I’ll be showing using some images.. 🙂

If you can see this is what a workstation home page looks like…to install and run your virtual machine you just need to follow these steps..
1) Click on create a new virtual machine button..

after that you get to see something like this…



Just choose typical installation type. After that



Chose iso installer ..and if you don’t have the iso file of kali linux…you can get one from . In there click over downloads and get an iso file of your flavour..but for virtual machines 32 bit is preferred….

Now click over browse option and choose the downloaded iso file…

If your workstation is up to the date it automatically detects the iso file as DEBIAN7 can see how it appears below…



And then proceed to next..later you need to select the amount of ram you wanna allot to this virtual machine…1GB is preferred generally..later on you just click proceed and chose “Graphical Installation”…and after that it’s easy to proceed..

A bit lengthy one..but I guess it’s useful…

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Making course easier…

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My second blog today 😛 ..what to do can’t leave you guys 😀 🙂

So…just wanna help you with a few words you wanna know beforehand getting on par with metasploit course…

Here are the words..vulnerability,exploit,payload .

And yeah you can go find their literal meaning over wikipedia and technical meaning over as well.

Also you have to be having a vmWare player or a workstation ,iso files of kali linux ,Ubuntu and metasploit (Version 2).

Installation is perfectly explained by our course instructor (Mr.Hitesh choudhary ) you no need to worry about actually..

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Do’s and Don’t s

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Going through my exams right sick of’em.. I’ve already told I am here to post something about things you shan’t do with metasploit techniques..

Actually..metasploit is a really powerful tool and it can be dangerous if not used in a proper way….

There is an example where a school kid got caught getting into his school’s site to change his score. Guess what his whole career is ruined now..

So guys..don’t be stupid. 🙂

And many guys still have some doubt in mind after all why to perform a pentest!! 😛 …and  why to use metasploit to perform pentest??

Pentesting helps in finding loop-holes in any system and we can potentially gain access through’em. And metasploit completely has a frame work that suits pentesting.
So..if you wanna be a security expert you need to be learning these stuff..

One can find these courses over .

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Getting started

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This blog of mine just minds you of thing you need to arrange before starting metasploit with kali linux at being hosted by Mr.Hitesh  ( ).

Though right now there isn’t much to write about the course…I just wanna tell you some requirements to be managed before getting started

Have a headphone for better understanding cause every word counts.

And try watching each and every video in HD cause some commands may not be visible clearly for they play a key role.

Unless for a revision watching these videos over a cell phone is not advised..

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Hey folks..what’s up..hope everything’s fine 😀 …

This blog of mine is just to tell you about metasploit and it’s importance..
Actually, I am taking this course over This is being hosted by Mr.Hitesh Choudhary,well, if interested you can find and contact him on .

This course starts with a brief intro to the course and the course instructor as well. Coming to the point metasploit was actually designed by H.D.Moore and it plays a key role in pentesting. I am actually taking the pentesting course either wher I first came to hear about metasploit. I personally advice you to learn metasploit if interested in becoming a security expert.
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Actually this is the first time I am a bit confused to what to post.
I am doing an online course about pentesting on . This course is being hosted my Mr.Hitesh choudhary.
I just wanna talk about my experience with the course till now.
The course has a well organised curriculum with sections.

Actually pentesting is potentially gaining access to any computer system by finding the weaknesses or flaws in the system.

The first section of the course actually focuses on the importance and scope of pentesting.

The later part of the course begins with a vivid description of the software(VMvare,Ubuntu,Kali-linux and metasploit) we need to get installed on our system to go ahead with course.

And even users who are very new to linux environment have not to worry cause you have a few videos on the basics of linux .

Thanks for reading..hope you like it.