Do’s and Don’t s

Hello how are ya’ll doing…hope fit and fine 🙂

Going through my exams right sick of’em.. I’ve already told I am here to post something about things you shan’t do with metasploit techniques..

Actually..metasploit is a really powerful tool and it can be dangerous if not used in a proper way….

There is an example where a school kid got caught getting into his school’s site to change his score. Guess what his whole career is ruined now..

So guys..don’t be stupid. 🙂

And many guys still have some doubt in mind after all why to perform a pentest!! 😛 …and  why to use metasploit to perform pentest??

Pentesting helps in finding loop-holes in any system and we can potentially gain access through’em. And metasploit completely has a frame work that suits pentesting.
So..if you wanna be a security expert you need to be learning these stuff..

One can find these courses over .

keep smiling and take care.. 🙂 🙂

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