Structure of metasploit

Hola! amigos..what’s and fine?..
Finally after these many blogs I got to post what is the structure of metasploit and what does it support…
Here goes the explanation…
The meat part(or core) contains three major divisions namely..Rex,msfcore and msfbase. Further this core part is provided with many tools,plugins and consoles.

These plugins can be loaded during the run-time.And coming to meat part again it consists of REX library which makes metasploit the powerful.It is the basic library for many of the functions..many of the coonections like SSH are made.
Let’s imagine you’re fed up with metasploit and wanna use your own libraries then msfbase and core are gonna play a key role.

There are many other parts like payloads..exploits…nops etc..
The complete video with a perfect explanation can be found over

Keep commenting..have a nice day 🙂

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