A brief discussion on ruby

All right guys..what are ya up to..and yeah how are ya..I guess you are fine as always..
Now let us get to the topic..as you know what metasploit is capable of..you must know why it is so..why it it so special..
It’s because metasploit is built on ruby language and now you must be thinking..oh God! what is this ruby..nothing to worry ..to be a pentester it’s okay to know the basics of ruby..
In metasploit all modules are classes of ruby..one more advantage of ruby is that you’ve a lot of payloads created during run time and it’s very very rare that you generally create your own payload…

The reason for ruby being so special is mixins..well what does mixins do..they include one class into another..next thing you gotta be knowing about is plugin…simply saying ..they manipulate the framework as whole..

still confused..don’t worry you can find this entire discussion over http://www.newdemy.com ..
Take care and keep commenting..
Good night šŸ™‚

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