Getting started

Hello guys 😀 🙂 …how are ya doing..hope you’re going great.

This blog of mine just minds you of thing you need to arrange before starting metasploit with kali linux at being hosted by Mr.Hitesh  ( ).

Though right now there isn’t much to write about the course…I just wanna tell you some requirements to be managed before getting started

Have a headphone for better understanding cause every word counts.

And try watching each and every video in HD cause some commands may not be visible clearly for they play a key role.

Unless for a revision watching these videos over a cell phone is not advised..

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Hey folks..what’s up..hope everything’s fine 😀 …

This blog of mine is just to tell you about metasploit and it’s importance..
Actually, I am taking this course over This is being hosted by Mr.Hitesh Choudhary,well, if interested you can find and contact him on .

This course starts with a brief intro to the course and the course instructor as well. Coming to the point metasploit was actually designed by H.D.Moore and it plays a key role in pentesting. I am actually taking the pentesting course either wher I first came to hear about metasploit. I personally advice you to learn metasploit if interested in becoming a security expert.
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Actually this is the first time I am a bit confused to what to post.
I am doing an online course about pentesting on . This course is being hosted my Mr.Hitesh choudhary.
I just wanna talk about my experience with the course till now.
The course has a well organised curriculum with sections.

Actually pentesting is potentially gaining access to any computer system by finding the weaknesses or flaws in the system.

The first section of the course actually focuses on the importance and scope of pentesting.

The later part of the course begins with a vivid description of the software(VMvare,Ubuntu,Kali-linux and metasploit) we need to get installed on our system to go ahead with course.

And even users who are very new to linux environment have not to worry cause you have a few videos on the basics of linux .

Thanks for reading..hope you like it.