How to make metaslploit run on vmware

Hey all..what’s up and yeah how are ya doing..hope fit and fine…
Just finished with my exams and guess what..planning for a fresher’s party for our juniors.. 😛
And I would like to discuss in detail how to make metasploit work in our virtual environment..(else you can find the entire discussion video over )
After downloading metasploit’s compressed file from you just need to extract the files ..
Later on you could see some folders in the extract…now just open metasploitable2-linux can find a variety of files with extensions .vmsd,.vmx blah blah..don’t bother …all you need to do is to open the one with a .vmx extension…
And if you already have a vmware installed(player or station) you can directly see your virtual metasploit starting over vmware…all you now have to do is to login with msfadmin as username and password.
And now you need to start the graphical server…that can be done by using startx command.
Initially you can see nothing happening ..this is because of a file .X0-lock so you gotta remove it you already know this can be done using rm command but you must be an admin to remove this file…as you’re not an admin you will now be going on to become a pseudo admin using sudo command..
All you should be doing is typing this command “sudo rm file_name”’re prompted to type the password for sudo admin which is msfadmin itself..and boom it’s done 😛 😛
Now,type startx again and you’ll be seeing your graphical server running 🙂 🙂
That’s all for today folks…take care
bubye and yeah keep smiling…that suits ya