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Just wanna speak to ya for a swing in mood. Have an exam tomorrow and I don’t which topics are to be read either 😛 …

As you guys already know.. I am on a course over http://www.newdemy.com that covers metasploit with kali linux…I’ve come to know that many are facing problems with the installation procedures…

Well..let me help you with this…to make your virtual Operation System you either need a vmware or a virtual box . Tho the former is preferred…you could simply go to https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/downloads and scroll to the bottom…there you could see both these products.. player and workstation..if you can afford I recommend to purchase cause it’s lot more user friendly compared to vmware player..but yeah that’s not a big issue…even player is enough for this course..
And after installing the workstation…you need to follow a few steps..which I’ll be showing using some images.. 🙂

If you can see this is what a workstation home page looks like…to install and run your virtual machine you just need to follow these steps..
1) Click on create a new virtual machine button..

after that you get to see something like this…



Just choose typical installation type. After that



Chose iso installer ..and if you don’t have the iso file of kali linux…you can get one from http://www.kali.org . In there click over downloads and get an iso file of your flavour..but for virtual machines 32 bit is preferred….

Now click over browse option and choose the downloaded iso file…

If your workstation is up to the date it automatically detects the iso file as DEBIAN7 ..you can see how it appears below…



And then proceed to next..later you need to select the amount of ram you wanna allot to this virtual machine…1GB is preferred generally..later on you just click proceed and chose “Graphical Installation”…and after that it’s easy to proceed..

A bit lengthy one..but I guess it’s useful…

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